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Color Space Conversion in C#

My color space conversion class has been pushed to Bitbucket. As this is managed code the conversions are not suitable for real time use, but more that suitable for general use. I did not use .Net Color structure in the conversions, I instead opted to use Numerics.Vector4. This allows the color conversions to take advantage of simd hardware where available.This will provide a speed up if your build is x64, with the optimize flag enabled. Here is a list of first release conversions available in the class.

  • HSV to RGB
  • Lab to RGB
  • Lab to XYZ
  • RGB to HSV
  • RGB to Lab
  • RGB to XYZ
  • RGB to Yuv
  • XYZ to Lab
  • XYZ to RGB
  • Yuv to RGB

All Conversion are in floating point and support an alpha channel. Each Method is overloaded for single color vector or for a color vector array. It is MIT licensed making it free to use for any purpose. If you wish to contribute just branch and let me know.